Who We Are

Our Goal

  1. To support Life saving research
  2. Support Safer treatment for children facing cancer
  3. Raise awareness and Resources for families

Lack of Funding

Majority of the funding of cancer research from our government, the National Institute of Health, goes towards adult cancers. Kids get less than 4% of the total funding. Pharmaceutical companies don’t fund childhood cancer research since it is not profitable. FCCRS is dedicated to improve the lives of children living with cancer and its long time impacts.

Our goal is to fight against childhood cancer, and give attention it deserves, because kids can’t fight cancer alone!

Board Members

Dr. Biswajit Kar


Mr. Bashisht Sharma

Legal Director

Mrs. Rita Chinchlani

Capt. Satyajit Kar

Executive Director

Mr. Jawahar Mehrotra

Director Media/Communication

Ms. Parul Fernandes


Dr. Dipika Ambani

Assistant Cultural Director

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