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Help Manish

Manish is an International patient who has travelled from India with no available insurance cover in the US. He has an aggressive strain of cancer for which he needs the pioneering
CAR T-Cell Therapy.

Why should we help?

  • Manish is our countryman who has come to our shores and is clinging to his life.
  • We feel their pain, feeling of helplessness and desperation of a father of 2 year old.
  • HUMANITY (Insaniyat)
  • He needs our support to receive this breakthrough therapy
  • Raise the rate of Cancer survivors.

How can you help?

FCCRS is a Non-Profit organization

EIN: 83 – 0735542

Contact: [email protected]

FCCRS [Foundation for Children Cancer and support] is organizing a campaign HELP MANISH and accepting donations as an exceptional case.

Payment Method


You can also mail us the cheque at
22822 Deforest Ridge Ln
Katy TX 77494

Our Success Story

Ansh Singh was admitted in Saroj Gupta Cancer Hospital, Kolkata for the treatment of Lymphoma. His parents are very poor and could not afford his treatment. His dad is a taxi driver and because of the pandemic lost his job and felt helpless. FCCRS sponsored this child for his full treatment and now he is in remission and doing quite well. Please support FCCRS as without your support we will not be able to help these children. Children can not fight cancer alone. They need your HELP!!

You can help more children by donating to FCCRS.

COVID and Heart Failure presentation by Dr Sen and Dr Kar


Action for balancing cancer care and the pandemic

During this time of the corona pandemic, FCCRS is facing the challenging needs of assisting children with cancer in this unusual situation.  As COVID-19 is a source of the pandemic, with increasing incidence occurring across the world, it is without question that the needs of patients with particular vulnerabilities should garner particular attention.

because kids can’t fight cancer alone.

Go Gold And Give

Foundation for Children Cancer Research & Support Creating History, Transforming the Future
Our organization was founded in 2018 by a committed group of people and parents of children who had cancer. We understand what a family goes through when their child has been diagnosed with cancer. This disease impacts the whole family for life.

Our staff is committed to serve our community by spreading awareness of children cancer and raise funds globally for the advancement of research through advanced clinical trials, personalized targeted therapies.

Children suffering from cancer who need your support. They can’t fight alone. Please come forward and donate.

How is Childhood cancer different

Children cancers tend to be more aggressive than adult cancers. Childhood cancer are rare and only specially trained doctors have the knowledge and experience to properly treat them.

FCCRS is adopting this child Ansh Singh and giving financial support for his treatment. He is suffering from lymphoma and admitted in Saroj Gupta Cancer Hospital, Kolkata.

He is a son of a taxi driver and unable to pay for his treatment. FCCRS has come Forward to help this family at this time of need.

You can also help Ansh Singh and other children by donating any amount.


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